Sunday, 20 March 2011

Train tracks

Adam inspires me to shoot things. Last time we were in Finley (the town of 2000 people that my family migrated to when the hustle and bustle of Sydney got too much for them...) we went to the train tracks around the corner from my sisters for a bit of fun. Unfortunately we were there whilst a plague of locusts was hitting the town, bringing with them their little annoying but charming friends the mozzies. So we only stayed out there for about 4 minutes after which I could not take the bites any longer!

take your average, run down, unused, quiet town, train tracks. add a camera on timer perked up on books. find two individuals, preferably in love, with the same red chucks on. sprinkle in some locusts and mosquitoes to cut the shooting time to 4 minutes total. and you get a day in finley.

I love kissing Adam on the cheek.

My favourite hug is when my two arms wrap around his neck. He pulls his head back and smiles down at me.



  1. Those pictures are so amazing. One day in my big fancy house, I'm going to have to get some of your art work for my walls. I especially love the one of the door

  2. Charne, you just let me know which ones and they are yours ;)

  3. i love that door one too! yay, happy iv inspired someone, its fun to blog but hard to find the time...and charne', if you read this, i think youd do a good one too!