Sunday, 20 March 2011


Last month we went to Melbourne for Adams friends wedding. Adam has lived in Melbourne before. I visit occasionally when visiting my family. I have never really had a chance to check out the city in much detail, but I was very happy with what I saw.

Alleyways can be creepy.

I have this strange fascination with the detailing on buildings....

enjoying the town hall steps after a tasty harajuku crepe.

and contemplating life...

the many faces of Adam.

Mid facial change

I think this is my fav, 

I felt like I was back in NYC. The city is as alive at night as it is during the day. I love it.

I love all the tram lines. I think its just great.

The next day, while waiting for our train to Finley, Adam took me to a great alley full of wonderful little cafes and restaurants. We watched this man read his book in the side alley.

Next to the bins...

I would have preferred sitting in one of these cafes...

but we probbly looked just as funny watching him from here...

When all we could really see was these crates.

We have decided we love Melbourne. I hope to live there one day. 


  1. These shots are awesome. Love the lights ones.

  2. i love having Adam with me when Im walking the streets at night with my camera. Not only does he make me feel safe, something about him there makes me feel all inspired ;)

  3. Ah , Yes, I hope you guys live in Melbourne one day soon too! So much depth, lub the photo's Jools. x