Wednesday, 15 June 2011


This weekend, Adam and I have made several trips into the city to check out the Winter Festival happening in King Georges Square. As I also just received my new lens (45mm TSE) we though it would be a fun place to test it out... while eating pancakes and watching the young and old enjoying the outdoor ice rink.

Theres a certain kind of magic that comes with winter. I love it. 
Now to continue practising... its been quite some years since I used a lens with only manual focus!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Family part one

This past week, I have been spending time in the quaint town called Finley. I got to shoot pretty much the whole time, and it was so fun! 

Along with all the shooting I got to spend time with my gorgeous family. My wonderful parents spoiled me as usual and I had plenty of one on one time with my amazing sister. She has 5 of the most awesome kids that I wouldn't know how to live without.

 Here they are...

First up is Anewa. She is the prettiest girl I know and the first of my 11 best friends under 13.

Then there is Hyrum. He is my muscle man and a bit of a hero to me.

Then comes Manaia. She is like a clone of me, in almost every possible way.

Then Ko Ko Kohan. He cracks me up with his amazing MJ moves.

Lastly.... Cherri Berri Cola, Cherish. The Boss, The Clown, The Heartbreaker and The Head of the Family.

I love these kids way too much, but they are only the start...There are 2 more BFF's in Sydney then another 4 (and one on the way) in Utah.

They all make the Plan of Salvation so real and needed for me. I could not imagine the eternities without them. I love all 12ish of my nieces and nephews.